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I was perusing dealership sites and came across Ford Trucks dot Com. They have TONS of great Ford trucks, vans, pickups for sale for really low prices.

Isuzu Parts

Isuzu is an incredibly popular brand born in Japan in 1916. They make cars and trucks. Some of their more popular brands are Amigo/Rodeo Sport and Axiom. Not many people know that they make trucks, too.

Here is a list of their trucks:
Elf – Light Duty Truck (N-Series)
Forward – Medium Duty Truck (F-Series)
Giga – Heavy Duty Truck (C-Series, E-Series)
Gala – Heavy Duty Bus
Gala Mio – Medium Duty Bus
Erga – Low Deck Heavy Duty Bus
Erga-J – Heavy Duty Bus
Erga Mio – Low Deck Medium Duty Bus
Journey – Light Duty Bus
Journey-J – Medium Duty Bus
H-Series – Heavy Duty Truck only found in the United States

If you go anywhere in Asia, chances are you’ll see lots of Isuzu cars and trucks!

Reference Links:
Isuzu Truck Parts – Sells tons of truck parts for the above listed.
Isuzu Ascender Auto Parts – Sells lots of auto parts for cars such as Ascender, I pickup, Rodeo, Trooper, and more

Ford’s Pickup Was Most Important Vehicle at Detroit Auto Show

At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit last week, Ford revealed its newest concept pickup truck with a lot of fanfare, lowering the Atlas from the ceiling.

A surprisingly well-kept secret going into the show, especially compared to the highly anticipated — and well-received — 2014 C7 Corvette, the Atlas may prove to be the most important vehicle on display in Detroit.

The F-Series of pickup trucks is a huge deal for Ford. It has been the best-selling pickup for 36 straight years, and the best-selling vehicle in the country for 31 straight years.

The 645,316 F-Series Ford sold in 2012 made up nearly 30 percent of the 2,168,015 vehicles it sold overall.

The Atlas is a look at how Ford plans to stay on top of a crucially lucrative segment

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Ford Not Doing So Well in Europe

It isn’t getting any better for Ford in the Old World: Ford’s European branch posted a sobering 27% year-over-year sales decline for December, as market conditions in the region continued to be grim.

Ford’s decline was steeper than some of its major rivals’ – notably market-leader Volkswagen , which saw sales drop 14.5% – as the Blue Oval’s reluctance to offer deep discounts continued to cost it with bargain-hunting consumers.

Ford wasn’t alone: General Motors’ decline was as steep as Ford’s. And at least for Ford, there were a few bright spots of note.

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